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• ISS Provides Consistent, Tailored, and Affordable Services.
• 24-hrs Monitoring Station to Ensure Guards/Vehicles Safety and Performance..
• A Lot of Our Business Comes from Repeat-Clients & Referrals.
• ISS Security has never lost a client due to non-performance.

ISS Security is striving to overcome/improve following challenges that have become industry norms: 

  • Lack of coordination and communication between guards and management side.
  • Unmotivated, underpaid and unqualified guards.
  • Absence of training, and post-order resulting in lack of job understanding and their role as security officer for that specific location.
  • Almost no field supervision, site audits or random checks.
  • High guard turnover.
  • Company has no control over guards, basically zero enforcement.
  • Guards have very minimal help or guidance available from management to discuss and resolve field problems and in some cases prevention prior to escalation.

ISS Security has taken following steps to rectify these issues and still continuously trying to improve:

  • Owner/Management - on call 24 hours a day for guards & clients.
  • Specific site training – We will perform a site survey at the start and put together a site security plan(post-order) with assistance from client. No guard form ISS works your site without a minimum of 4-8 hours training.
  • Paying a living wage with benefits and future performance based raise program ensures quality guard and leads to high guards retention rate.
  • On-call Shift Supervisor: ensures the guards can reach a manager/supervisor at any moment for assistance. Our shift supervisors have abundance of hands-on security experience mostly come from Army or Police background.
  • Site checks: Our shift supervisor not only randomly checks sites but try to spend 1-2hr with each security officer on site and watch them in-action. This method has been very successful to enhance field performance & opened new channels for communication.
  • ISS management can deal with minor issues without notifying clients immediately and then update them following work day unless it requires their immediate attention.
  • ISS Feedback: Our site managers work very closely with the clients to provide & receive continuous feedback. 


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#320, 3770 Westwinds Dr NE , Calgary Alberta T3J 5H3
Phone: (403) 590-0650
15520 Stony Plain Rd NW , Edmonton Alberta T5P 3Y4
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