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We offer the best service in town:

We have the best security service provider in CANADA:

• Our staff receives in-house and on-site training.
• Specializing in specific, consistent and cost-effective services
• We hire reliable and honest people - only 37% of applicants get selected.

Risk Assessment & Management

Risk assessment is a step in a risk management procedure. ISS Security works in partnership with major guarding sites to develop a Security Risk Management Plan and implement Security Polices and Procedure. Risk assessments help solve problems before they arise. Accurate evaluations determine the resources you need to address and contain foreseeable risks. We then develop a suite of security services that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our comprehensive risk assessments include surveys and detailed, cost-appropriate plans to head off potential disasters, improving safety and security for everyone.

A typical risk assessment and management includes:
• Interview of Key Staff
• Site Visit and Assessment
• Site Photography and Mapping
• Crime Statistics
• Assess risks to better understand vulnerabilities
• Technology Recommendations
• Establish security policies and procedures(SOP)
• Implement the right amount of protection
• Measure and enforce compliance
• Cater for your individual circumstances - eg. building maintenance, gate duties, special events, mobile patrols, concierge, dog support services, system management, aviation security, electronic security.

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