Our Policy as a security company operating in Calgary, Edmoton and Fort McMurray
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We have the best security service provider in CANADA:

• Liabilities and workers are fully insured.
• Regular employee audits.
• Diverse work force.

Our Policy

Code Of Ethics

All work will be performed with due diligence in a responsible and professional manner.
We will maintain confidentiality of information.
We will work in accordance with the laws of Canada.
We will ensure that any person paid to assist with investigations are advised as to this code of ethics and that they are expected to adhere to it.
We will strive to determine that our clients have legitimate purpose to instruct an investigation.

Right Of First Contact

When a client requests ISS Investigations to locate an individual for personal reasons, we are bound by our policy to ensure the right to personal privacy is upheld. In the case of non-litigation locates, we will make first contact with the individual concerned and request their authorization for the release of their personal information to the client. The subject of the locate will always have the right of withholding their information, keeping such details private, and as such, ISS investigation will honor that right and not release information to any person. This policy ensures the safety and privacy of all parties.

Code of Privacy

The code of privacy for Qwest Investigations follows and complies with the CSA Model Code for the protection of Personal Information.


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Areas We Cover

#320, 3770 Westwinds Dr NE , Calgary Alberta T3J 5H3
Phone: (403) 590-0650
15520 Stony Plain Rd NW , Edmonton Alberta T5P 3Y4
Phone: (780) 800-5586