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Verified Services - Safe Journey

• Services performance gurnateed, 100% verfied security services.
• Verifies location for every trip with real-time reports!
• Innovation + Commitment - road to safe future.

How our location verifcation system work?

All our mobile patrol units are equipped with the GPS Location verification & real-time reporting system.

- This will require one of our consultants to meet with the Client at the site to define the site boundaries in our GPS System, set the criteria for the site, and provide client with the username and password.

- Setting up the virtual boundaries will restrict guard from accessing the site and uploading information from any other location unless mobile unit is physically present within the marked boundaries of the that particular site, incorporating geofencing concept.

- Arrival and departure times are captured automatically based on the position of unit entering/exiting site Geo-Fence.

- ISS clients will be able to login with the provided username and password to see each trip’s details in real time e.g arrival & departure times, security procedure performed, and foot inspection details along with notes from the mobile officer.

- Guard will also be capable of uploading picture from the site, which can be an effective tool to provide them visual reference at anytime or save extra trips to the site afterhours and on the weekend.

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